Well summer is nearly upon us… well at least for us San Diego State kids anyway.  And with one more week of finals left I can say that I am more than eager to start this summer off right, because what does summer time mean for a newly 21 year old?

oh let me tell you.

Well for one it means that all the hot downtown clubs and bars will be filled with more than just the regular lot of touchy San Diegans, instead it will be filled with a nice mix of attractive foreigners.  And not to bash any of the local hopefuls who hang out at the clubs, but what girl doesn’t swoon over a cute accent, or can even resist one for that matter.  If anything it can be considered as an opportunity for us youngsters to expand on our global horizons… while getting our flirt on and accepting a free drink every now and then from a “global clubbing ambassador”.

So another plus to it being summer time and me being of legal drinking age? Obviously it means that I can enjoy the lovely San Diego sunny weather by the beach while dinning and enjoying a nice cocktail to fight off the heat.  This means that I can enjoy all the fun things that places like the Wave House in PB have to offer as far as entertainment and spiked refreshments go.  This also means that when I walk the boardwalk in Pacific Beach I don’t have to hang my head as I pass the fun bars that are packed with fun loving beach goers who dancing (not always in rhythm) to the latest summer time anthems.

Yet another perk to summer is that it opens up the opportunity to attend many concerts and concert like events.  So if want to enjoy a rum and coke as I rock out to whoever happens to be playing at cricket amphitheater than I have the option to do so.  Also I can’t be restricted from seeing shows at places like the Kazbah or House of Blues because of some ridiculous age restriction.

Basically this summer entitles me to do whatever I want and never have a dull moment.  And with endless possibilites that await me I’m just itching for finals to finally be over with.

SO good luck to all and happy summer!




This is  a cautionary tale, one that in particular pertains to the perils of embarking on the strenuous road through 21.

I’m referring to the role we have to take sometimes, something that we forget –or never even knew– that comes with the territory of being 21.

I’m talking about being the caretaker to a poor, inevitably hangover driven soul.

We’ve all seen these people, sometimes they might even be a friend; youngsters hoping to be gone, get wasted, trashed, sloshed, hammered; quite frankly seeking oblivion on the scale of drunkness.  These are hunters of the evening, preying on the poor–less than innocent– nightlife that awaits an attack straight to the jugular, with no chance of leaving any prisoners behind.  Well, at least these drunkies maintain an aggressively high partying point where they think they think they are the “bees knees”, and they very well maybe…for all of twenty to forty-five minutes until the moment of the downward spiral begins. Yup, this is where the dreaded job begins.

Now, I say that these people can sometimes be a friend–and most of the times it probably will be, why else would you put up with the smells and attitude–but other times a very well be an acquaintance you just met that evening.  I don’t know what it is about drinking that brings out the hideously ugly side of people or on the far opposite side, tend to bring out the extremely mothering side of girls and yes even some guys.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gone to party to find some girl moaning over a toilet with a tight grip over the porcelain whilst some other girl ties her hair up in a beyond messy bun and rubs her back gently saying, “It’s okay honey, you gotta let it all out.”  Truly some astonishing compassion you witness from time… although I can’t say that I’ve ever had the voluntary urge to be so kind to a stranger, that I can recall.

Anyway, I’ve never been one to seek blacking out, it’s never been my style–so I want to actually have a recollection of my youth, sue me!  So I am a bit familiar with the role of holding the hair back, sitting on the edge the tub as a friend grasps their new porcelain friend.  And all I can say after all the angry accusations have been said, the smell has become so constant that I don’t even notice anymore,and  the job of flushing after every oral fluid release is complete, is at worth it? Chances are no, but at the very least you can hope that someday your friend can repay you in the future, but hopefully not as a result of returning the same favor.  All in all, the best tips I leave if  anyone–which most of you will be at some point in your life whether by choice or not– that is burdened with taking on the role of care giver, remember the rule of 3:

1)Remind your friend that at that point YOU are not their best friend, H2O is.

2) If they need to vomit… by all means let them.

3) And know that if they reach the point where riding a mechanical bull seems like a great idea, you’ve reached the point of no return.

Cheers, and remember to always eat, drink, and be merry responsibly!

So the question of the week revolves around “tolerance”–not about tolerance over deep-rooted religious topics.  No I mean tolerance in reference to well one’s alcohol tolerance… i.e: level of light weightlyness.

Not that I expect everyone to binge drink there way into oblivion once they hit the blackjack age, but are we expected to build on our tolerance as we progress through our roaring twenties?

I really do think this is a minute controversy of the drinking subculture of newbees.

I think its a valid issue to think about, especially after having a doctor’s visit where I actually felt a tinge of concern when he mentioned how my liver functions were looking.  Not to my surprise, of course everything came out just fine and ordinary–because I know I’m not a binge drinker–but you can’t blame a newbee for worrying even if they like to enjoy a fun cocktail every now and then.  But still I was left wondering…

It’s a complicated issue, the issue of tolerance.  Because on the one hand (the far left extreme hand) you have those taking up Ke$hian philosophy by brushing there teeth with Jack, and who see no shame in finishing their own bottle of vodka–yes we all know this obnoxious party goer, the one who complains about not even being buzzed after 6 shots.  But why would someone work so hard to condition their poor over-worked livers? For the fear of not wanting to be the first to vomit at parties? To be able to drink more to have a good time? Nah, I think its more along the lines of bragging rights. Which honestly doesn’t make sense to me since most of the bragging is done in front of already tipsy party goers who are having a good time, or bragged about the next morning a le hangover, sans misery–even though we all sympathetically feel for the poor soul.

And then there’s the other hand.  The people that see no shame in hitting the tipsy time at a slightly pathetically quick rate–I’m talking over one shot of tequila, or two gulps of mixed vodka drink, or a couple sips of flavored rum etc.  So why would someone be so content of their light weightlyness and be completely uninterested in working on it? I still don’t really know?  But one theory I heard from a self-proclaimed (and proud of it) male light weighter claimed that he liked that he didn’t have to spend so much money to get a good buzz when he goes out.  Hey, to each his own right?

Anyway I guess this is a controversy that I will never understand, nor ever really plan to be apart of because:

1) Mum raised me to keep it classy after a few glasses of whine or cocktails


2) I don’t plan on needing to drink a 12 pack of beer or topping off a bottle of Jager to make a party “fun.”

So to all newbees, good luck making it somewhere in the middle, and hopefully someday you’ll finally reach the day where vomit filled drinking nights will be but a dull blur of your past.

Cheers! Let the good times roll….



So I’ve been 21 for over three months now, and as I see all my eager friends cross the threshold into the glorious age of enlightenment, I can’t help but wonder:

Is being 21 all its cracked up to be?

While I acknowledge that I’m still in the young stages of being 21, I still think this is a good time to check with myself if 21 has really lived up to my expectations, or if its all just been one mess of a blur that I’d rather not recall; moreover, am I still happy and excited about being 21?


It’s complicated.

Do I love being able to go out to virtually every trendy location without the restriction of age? YES.

Do I enjoy meeting up with my mother for happy hour cocktails to make up for our crappy hour work/school days? ABSOLUTELY.

Do I enjoy a nice wine at home while having the family over for dinner?  Of course.

Is it awesome that Las Vegas can now be my playground, along with many other fun downtown cities of the country? yup.

But then again…

Is it truly a pleasure to deal with drunken fools latching on to you at a club, thinking that they are so cool and irresistible? No not so much.

Is it fun witnessing drunken outbursts as you and your girls try to enjoy a fun night out? Not in the slightest.

And is it a blast to deal with sloppy friends after a night of committing to be the D.D. for the evening? Nope. (Sometimes you yourself feel like you need a drink just to deal with them.)

So I guess my question is, is 21 really the golden era that I so eagerly awaited and  literally counted down the days till.  I’d say yes, but don’t think that it doesn’t come with its pitfalls.  There’s so many things I love about being 21 and I’m sure with time there will be so many more things I’ll love about being in the 21 and up group, I guess the only drawbacks would be dealing with the people who don’t have the same appreciation or tolerance for the age, and that can be utterly annoying.

I guess you could say I’m still optimistic about being 21 and can’t wait until ALL my friends can join me on this journey of fun experiences, and I won’t let these minor issues bog down my goal for a fun start to my 20s.  After all how am I supposed to be a bitter 21 year old already when I have my Las Vegas New Years celebration planned with all my friends this year, and a fun beer garden filled Coachella weekend planned for next year!

That’s right, this is only the beginning.

…life looks pretty good




So it embarrasses me slightly to admit something.  Being a poor 21 year old college student, this should have been something I did a long time ago, and continued to partake in since turning 21.

I’m talking about taco tuesday.

or tacky tuesday as I like to call it, since after after saving so much on the tacos some people tend to splurge on the drinks and do very well become tacky.

Anyway so taco tuesday.

It amazes truly how I’ve managed to go without embarking on such a right of passage, I mean I’ve done the late night taco after a club thing…repeatedly and yet the closes I’ve come to a taco tuesday experience has been when I’ve ordered to free tacos from Jack in the Box with friends on a late wednesday night.  (You have to understand that with other forces at work, that seemed like a better, and delicious option at the time.) SO while I do plan on taking on many many taco tuesdays around not only the San Diego area but really wherever life takes me, I thought a good place to start would be at the heart of San Diego’s Mexican culture (or what’s thought so by tourists standards anyway), I am going to have my first taco tuesday experience in San Diego’s Old Town.

So I’m thinking of going to one of two places (or who knows, maybe if the night goes well enough I’ll end up at both) to take the honor of being my very first taco tuesday experience, and well truthfully I’m torn.  While the Cafe Coyote offers a good deal on over 9 kinds of tacos for only 2 dollars each, and since I’ve already gone there on different occasions I know that there food and margaritas are VERY good, but what has me wavering the fact that the Old Town Mexican Cafe also has 2 buck tacos and and and!! $2.50 margaritas.  So you can see how this leaves me in a tough predicament.

Well who knows where I’ll end up, all I do know is that come next tuesday I’m going to be having fun with a good group of friends stuffing my face with tacos and possibly offsetting that with cheap margaritas to chase them down, I mean no one likes to be thirsty while they eat.

Happy (early) Tacky Tuesday everyone!


So, what does life look after post Las Vegas/Spring break when you’re newly 21?


Well at least that’s what I refer to as going to the gym every other day, running with the dogs on those off days, and not drinking my weight in vodka, rum, tequila,beer, or even champagne.  For me, rehab is all about getting back into the healthy lifestyle in a meek attempt to starkly contrast the life I’ve lived for a week.

But enough about the need to detox, and more about Sin City–or at least enough to not get me in trouble with the saying…“what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

So what did happen?

…Well in nut shell:

Day one:

After finally arriving to our hotel at noon we embarked on a journey on foot to the Planet Hollywood Hotel, after slightly more than a handful of drinks, and taking advantage of the freedom to walk around with alcoholic beverages as Vegas so conveniently allows, we– a mere group of three–found ourselves at a buffet.  Not just any buffet may I add, but as a sushi fiend, I have to argue that this was quite possibly one of the greatest buffets known to man… an all you can eat SUSHI buffet called Todai.  At this point the memory of completly bliss comes to mind as I tried over 7 different kinds of deliciously decadent rolls.

After some more exploring, drinking and napping we found ourselves ready to take on the behemoth of the Vegas nightlife. This consisted of us getting front of the line access, free cover, free shot upon entry, and for girls free champagne until midnight, all at the New York, New York’s Rok nightclub.  If my memory serves me right, this blur of a night was rather fun.

Day two:

Sleep in until 11, and by noon we are having our scrumptious and expensive breakfast at the MGM.  After we explored/gambled, where I won what I considered a lot (70 bucks from a Breakfast at Tiffany’s machine ) but another member of our group scored a 300$ jack pot at a penny slot machine.

Anyway, so that night was the long awaited Marquee, which was going to play host to one of my favorite dj’s, ATB. All in all that night was fun, and this one unlike the first was not such a blur as I really only had one very watered down drink served by a very less than thrilled female bar tender at the club.  Nonetheless I did have fun dancing, meeting new people and just enjoying that infectious Vegas vibe.

Day three:

This was our final day, and already at this point I no complaints about the weekend, but little did I know it would only get better…

Again at noon, as we waited to be seated for breakfast at the cafe located in the off-strip Hard Rock Hotel, I was just standing there in line, people watching, when my eyes caught glimpse of a rather ruggedly handsome fellow.  Then as he was walking towards us to leave, I found myself nudging a group member and whispering “oh my god, that’s…”  and he budded in saying “I know!” with the same amount of awe and excitement.

And so, as the star of HBO’s Entourage, Adrian Grenier, passed us, glancing once at me, and giving my friend a look up and down( he happens to be her main celebrity crush), all we could do to contain ourselves was try to remain nonchalant as we gawked at his ease of leaving with in fact no entourage in toe, but a mere friend or two following. We were enthralled by the siting through the whole meal.

Needless to say, I did have a good spring break in Sin City, and guess what? The city didn’t chew me up and spit me out, we get along just fine, and I think this is the just the beginning of a good friendship with benefits.  Until we meet again in Halloween, Vegas.

So spring break is nearly upon us SDSUers.  It’s literally so close I can almost taste it. Being a college student I should be letting out the tradition “whooooooooooooo!!!!!” and I will, but not just for the mere fact that I have a week to drink the whole time and get crazy BUT mainly because I have a week off, period.

I would love nothing more than to sleep in all day and finally have time to take my dog on runs but I can’t say that the entire week will be completly uneventful, I mean I am 21 after all and I do go to SDSU. So in honor of kicking off my first legal spring break with a bang I will be going to the place where it all began.

Las Vegas.

So how will this take two of Vegas differ from the first legal visit? Who really knows!  All I know is that this time I’ll be more experienced, more on my game and ready to take on the ultimate Goliath of night life that is Sin City.  This time myself and the crew even went as far as to purchase tickets for the renowned club at the Cosmopolitan, Marquee.  Yes, this time we won’t let the good time of one of the most popular clubs in Vegas pass us by, this time we’ll be ready.

So what have I learned since my last visit, and what can apply to this revisit?

1) Try not to mix drinks… even though we know that at times this is inevitable in the heat of a good night moment.

2) Don’t drink like you plan on forgetting the night… because usually you’ll remember the part where you feel sick out of your mind.

3) Go into the night feeling like you want to have fun, this way you’re already in a good mood a therefore may not even need the crutch of alcohol to get the night going.

Well I’ll do my best to follow my own advice, but as everyone know; what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas.

Happy Spring Break Everyooooone! (:


Let’s not get so crazy that we’re running rampant in the streets, after all nothing is as unforgiving as the internet.  So be safe, and have a good time college kids… see you in a week!